The medical community has been well served by the study of human cadaver tissues for many years. As new technologies have emerged, however, so have ideas that “newer is better.” In some instances this may be true. When it comes to fully understanding the human body and the various ways in which human tissue may respond to treatments, we respectfully disagree. Med Ed Labs was established with the intent of bringing physicians, first responders, medical device developers, and other relevant personnel face to face with their target, the human body. 

They say that knowledge is power. For the appropriate professional, human cadaver training offers enlightenment in a multitude of areas. Our varied trainings and cadaver lab set-ups can achieve several objectives, such as:

  • Optimal placement of injectables or other techniques in actual human anatomy, not virtual simulation. 
  • Dimensional compatibility between human anatomy and new technologies. 
  • Accurate spatial relationships between a device and its accessories and anatomical structures

Cadaver Labs are High-Tech and High-Touch

Historically, cadaver labs were associated with medical training in the college environment. A stint in the cadaver lab was something medical students either really looked forward to or really did not. We see the value of cadaver training far beyond general anatomy and physiology teaching. Our learning environments are hands-on and focused on both general and specialized techniques and may include interventional supplies, surgical supplies, imaging equipment, and more. In this way, we can help improve development by removing the guesswork that has been typical to some medical training. For example, using a cadaver lab, a professional does not face:

  • Postural and anatomical differences between animal models and the human body. 
  • Inaccurate representations of physiological disease states as they occur in the human body vs an animal. 
  • Unrealistic experiences based on the vast differences between hands-on practice with human tissue and virtual simulation. 

We Stand for Excellence

We assume that doctors, first responders, and device manufacturers want to achieve excellent results for their patients. Med Ed Labs values research and development and, through our comprehensive mobile cadaver lab facilities, support professionals for whom R & D is vital. In the many years we have been in practice, professionals have relied on our cadaver labs for assistance with procedure discussion, identification of disease states and how different states respond to proposed technology, and also standard anatomy review. More recently, we have shifted, as necessary, into live-stream labs and work with military, police, and fire rescue. 

We are passionate about proper training. For assistance planning your bio-skills lab, call (888) 801-9444.