Med Ed Labs has nationwide facilities for medical device training plus Mobile Services for your desired location.

What We Do?

Med Ed Labs helps ease the process of planning and executing surgical and medical training events/labs for research professionals, medical education manager, professional education managers, product engineers, marketing professions and event planners.  We plan for and execute a surgical or medical training events/labs from the initial planning stages to the final execution of the event or lab.  Our goal is to take the burden of planning for these events/labs off your shoulders and place it on us so you can focus on other important job duties and functions.

Our staff has much experience planning for and executing medical/surgical events and labs.  We have worked with industry professionals and newcomers in many different lab events and settings.  We have set up events and labs for one stational personal labs to large industry labs with multiple stations and hundreds of attendees.

Our organization sets up and executes these lab events at facilities across the entire United States and Puerto Rico.  All you do is choose which destination you want to hold a training lab, and we do the rest!  These events/labs can be set up at the network facilities or in a mobile setting at a hotel, meeting rooms, company offices, and headquarters, or at doctors offices, hospitals, or surgery centers.

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How Can We Best Help You?

Our services can be used for a pre-FDA approval product design and development by company staff, equipment designers, engineers, physicians, and surgeons.

Our services can be used for product marketing or development and introduction to surgeons and physicians by small start up companies to larger international companies.

What Do You Provide at the Facilities?

The facilities come equipped with most of your surgical training needs, surgical training tables, surgical lighting, general surgical instruments, drills, saws, suction equipment, PPE such as; gowns, eye shields, glove, foot covers and scrubs. Our facilities have conference rooms and audio-visual capabilities.

We can provide catering such as hot or cold breakfast, lunch, dinner, to-go meals, snacks and drinks. Most of our facilities are located in close proximity to airports. Additionally, we can assist with hotel accommodations and transportation needs.

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Med Ed Labs is dedicated to providing top quality service. Whether you choose to book your medical conference with us, we will exceed your expectations.