Allow your body to live on by donating it to medical education! Whole body donation allows doctors and medical students in various fields to create better less invasive surgical techniques , different ways to prevent illness, and overall, help people live longer and healthier lives.

Some of the specialties that utilize whole body donations are

The Difference Between Organ Donation & Whole Body Donation

While organ donation is conditional on the death of the individual, whole body donation is almost always a possibility. Organ donation requires a quick transplant of certain viable organs from one person to another. This is a great gift to an individual, but whole body donation is a gift to science and advancements that can potentially benefit hundreds, thousands, or millions of people.


For those who are looking for a different option from a funeral, cremation may be right for you. Our facility provides No Cost cremation and an urn for anyone donating their body to science. Please consider whole body donation if you would like to choose cremation over a funeral.

We cover all donation expenses upon your acceptance of whole body donation.

The following are included:

  • Body transportation from place of passing
  • Cremation
  • An urn for the remains
  • Death Certificate
  • Transportation of cremated remains back to your family

*We Are Only Accepting Donations From:*

  • Southern Nevada
  • Southern Utah
  • Southern California
  • Western and Central Arizona