Dermal FillersThe use of dermal fillers and other injectable products can set your practice up for additional, ongoing income. To fulfill the entirety of your responsibility to your patients, it is necessary to perfect the techniques you use for various products. Because each filler product carries unique properties, there are small nuances that can significantly impact the outcome. Therefore, injectable training is something that, at this time, should not end. Here, we discuss a few of the tips experts offer for mastering technique.

The Road to Mastery

The path to perfecting injection techniques begins with a few basic steps for all providers. A reputable training course should offer demonstration and hands-on practice. Beyond training, injectors are encouraged to continually focus on:

  • Relevant anatomy, not only of the face but also of other common injectable areas.
  • Study and review of danger zones, as well as remedies for unexpected side effects.
  • Use of reversible fillers only during the initial learning phase.
  • Use of injectables in patients whom can be monitored closely for several days after treatment. Friends, family, and office staff are ideal patients for new injectors who need to observe the effects of products, side effects, and recovery.
  • Easier treatment areas, such as nasolabial folds, are an excellent place to start. Move on gradually to more difficult treatment areas such as tear trough.
  • Take before and after pictures of as many patients as possible. This facilitates learning the nuances of different techniques and products.

Moving Beyond the Basics

For an injector to garner the praise of patients, it is necessary to fully master techniques, and this can take less time when you know what is needed. One of the primary areas of learning recommended by experts is the subtleties of facial anatomy. It isn’t enough to just look at a face and make an educated guess about injection sites. A skilled injector will also have knowledge of intermuscular harmony and the interdependency of bony, soft, and muscular tissues.

One of the best ways to obtain the in-depth knowledge of anatomy needed for expert injection status is to attend cadaver dissection courses. The use of injectables can greatly improve as a result of extended training. According to many expert injectors, there is a very fine line between good work and great work; but it can be a difficult line to cross without proper training.

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