C-arm EquipmentThe mobile C-arm is nothing new. This valuable piece of diagnostic equipment was first developed in the mid-fifties. Since that time, general medical technology and the way imaging has been conducted has evolved at a rapid pace. Now, surgeons and operating room technician benefit from a greater potential for flexibility in a variety of cases.

What is a C-arm?
A C-arm is an x-ray machine designed for specific use. It’s “C” shape is comprised of an x-ray source on one end and, on the other, an x-ray detector. The device is most often used in the surgical environment, capturing accurate images in real time to facilitate efficient, expedient procedures. The C-arm seems to have greater capability and accuracy than a standard portable x-ray machine, making it an appealing choice for surgeons and their patients.

Some of the applications for which a C-arm is well suited include cardiology and vascular surgery, trauma medicine, orthopedics, and general surgery. The high resolution images that are immediately produced by the device give the surgeon and technical staff the feedback they need to monitor surgical progress and make prompt corrections if necessary. Enhancing the accuracy of the surgical procedure benefits clinical practice in the area of efficiency, and benefits the patient in terms of an expedited recovery. Consequently, there is a positive impact in the area of cost-savings for the providing hospital or surgical center.

How it Works

A C-arm x-ray machine is a mobile device that features a flat panel that detects images and a powerful generator. The versatility of the machine stems from axles that swivel vertically and horizontally, which means that images can be captured from multiple different angles. The energy that penetrates tissues transfers images that are immediately visible on the attached monitor. Some of the structures that can be visualized with this device include surgical instruments, implants, kidney stones, bones, and blood vessels.

The advancement of technology has had a widespread positive impact on the medical community. Surgical instruments have expanded our capabilities and have enhanced surgical techniques that ultimately benefit the patient needing surgical intervention.

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