The medical field experiences change at such a fast pace that it can be difficult to know what’s on the horizon, let alone what has recently become available. Our primary objective at Med Ed Labs is to help physicians and their teams remain at the forefront of medical innovation through bioskills training. At the same time, we know good technology has a place in patient care, as well. Here, we discuss an app that is helping hip and knee surgeons improve their patients’ surgical experience.

New apps are consistently being developed both in and out of medicine. Many of them come and go, and some make us sit up and take notice. The mymobility app from Zimmer Biomet is one that has done the latter. The mymobility app is designed with the patient in mind. It brings patient involvement to the forefront of care and not only empowers the person needing surgery but acts as a consistent support system for them as they prepare for surgery and recovery. 

How Patients Benefit

Healthcare is all about benefiting the patient in whatever way possible. Surgical repair of a hip or knee injury benefits the patient in one way, but creates stress in other ways. With the mymobility app, patients receive:

Direct Assistance

Surgeons who enroll in the mymobility app receive directive on how to then enroll qualified patients. In the office, a member of the surgical team staff enrolls the patient in mymobility. The patient then receives an email the instructs them on completing their account and paring devices. Once enrolled, patients are also guided in the use of the app as they prepare for their procedure and as they recover.

Consistent Communication

Every surgeon knows that it can be difficult to meet all patients’ needs for emotional support before and after surgery. The balance of treating multiple patients and also being present for every single one on an emotional level can feel impossible, but not meeting these needs could diminish patient satisfaction. The mymobility app can improve the patient’s experience by giving them access to their surgical team through in-app messaging. The app also automatically sends reminders to the patient that are relevant to their particular condition and surgical procedure. Without additional time spent, the surgeon can know that their patient is receiving information that will ease their mind as they prepare for surgery and that, if the patient has questions, they can send them through the app rather than calling the office.

Technology and medicine go hand in hand in more ways that we may imagine. Physicians interested in this app can learn more by visiting the Zimmer Biomet site. To learn more about the bioskills courses and mobile training facilities offered by Med Ed Labs, call (888) 801-9444.