Spinal Surgery Training

Do I Need Ongoing Spinal Surgery Training?

New devices and technologies define Spinal Surgery. Spinal training with Med Ed Labs educates surgeons on the newest and the most innovative techniques to help their future patients receive the most optimal results possible. We offer cadaver training in both orthopedic spine surgery and neurological spine surgery.

Will I need to perform any residencies in order to receive this training?

No. Spinal training facilitated by Med Ed labs is hosted by surgeons for other board-certified surgeons. No additional residencies or programs are needed to attend these events. 

What Qualifications do I need for training?

Our clients arrange training events for board-certified spine surgeons. Board certification is generally the only requirement for doctors to engage in clinical training using the most modern spinal implants, techniques, and surgical robots. 

How Long has Med Ed Labs been providing Spinal Surgery Training?

Med Ed Labs has been providing nationwide Spinal Surgery Training for five years.

How long does Spinal Training usually last?

Spinal training events may span a two to six-hour period. The duration of a training session is dependent on the facilitator and the content they are covering and may include time for presentation, demonstration, and hands-on clinical practice. Med Ed Labs hosts these trainings in a comfortable environment equipped with all necessary instruments, devices, and supplies. Catering is also available. 

What Spinal Procedure Trainings are Offered?

The facilities are designed to allow for training on any orthopedic spine surgery or neurological spine surgery procedures. Our most recent courses have focused on the most innovative minimally invasive techniques available. We have hosted courses for these spinal surgery procedures:

  • Anterior and posterior approaches for neck/cervical spine surgery
  • Lateral and posterior approach techniques for mid back/thoracic spine surgery
  • Surgical idiopathic adolescent scoliosis correction
  • Anterior, lateral, and posterior approach for lower back/lumbar spine surgery
  • Minimally invasive procedures for Saco Iliac/S.I. Joint surgery

We offer human cadavers to give spine surgeons the most real life experience with surgery.

What Technology will be Used During My Spinal Surgery Training?

The facilities offer the most recent and innovative equipment needed for the surgical procedures, including the following items and instruments:

  • C-ARM units
  • spine surgery instruments
  • drills
  • saws
  • personal protection equipment

We also offer the following services at the facilities:

  • lab technicians
  • catering
  • conference space with full audio visual equipment.

When will I be certified once training is complete?

Attendees sometimes receive a certificate of attendance from the host of their event. Certificates may be provided the day of the event or may be mailed to attendees shortly after the event. Our role is to procure the event space and set it up with all applicable supplies, including audio-visual equipment and, of course, cadaver specimens. Detailed information about the event schedule, catering or breaks, and certification should be disbursed to attendees by the hosting physician or organization. 

Where are your Spinal Surgery Training held?

We have a nationwide network of facilities that can be used. Please look at the locations pages for more information. We also offer mobile services for training anywhere in the country.

For More information about Spinal Training, feel free to call us at (888) 801-9444, complete a contact us form, or check out our Bio-Skills Blog.

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Med Ed Labs Office training space

Med Ed Labs Office training space

Med Ed Labs Office training space

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