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Plastic Surgery Training

What type of plastic surgery procedures do you offer training for?

We offer courses in facial reconstruction, eye surgery, nose surgery, and facial injections of dermal fillers and neuromodulators.

What level of education is needed to start the training?

This is up to the client to determine. Course participants are those who have completed the necessary level of educational training deemed appropriate for the type of continuing education conducted. For example, a client may want to conduct a course for appropriate clinical staff to learn how to perform treatments using a new medical device. In this instance, course participants may be registered nurses or other physicians.

What kind of equipment is used in plastic surgery training/education?

What is interesting about the field of plastic surgery and, really, the field of medicine, is that technologies are in a constant state of advancement. It is for this reason that plastic surgeons and their supporting clinical staff benefit from continuing education courses. The more familiar one is with basic instruments and techniques and also with the various ways upon which these can be improved, the better outcomes that surgeon and staff can achieve on a regular basis. Multiple studies have shown that medical personnel who engage in cadaver training gain not only the technical skills that are required of surgeons but also the emotional capacity to manage the effects of working with patients and their unique anatomical makeup.

Med Ed Labs is committed to facilitating the most efficient plastic surgery training events. In addition to hosting events at one of our dozens of nationwide facilities, we can arrange catering, set up all necessary audio/visual equipment, and staff the event with lab technicians as needed. The equipment that is used in training courses is dependent on the needs of the medical host. This can range from scalpels and speculums to new medical devices and injectable products. We work with each event host to build their course around their intended learning objectives.

What are the benefits of this style of plastic surgery training?

Because new techniques are constantly being developed and introduced in plastic surgery, it can be difficult for busy doctors and surgeons to stay up to date. And where can you practice and train in these new methods?

That’s where we come in. Med Ed Labs provides the learning environment and supplies for medical professionals to develop their skills. At our dozens of facilities, doctors and surgeons can practice with new devices and technology on high-quality human cadaveric tissue.

This benefits your doctors and surgeons with plastic surgery training because we are able to create the closest training to a real-life setting by providing human cadavers. By practicing on cadavers, these professionals are far more comfortable employing new techniques and methods, which can literally save patients.

Are there any reading materials that can help with my training?

Course materials vary depending on the desired learning outcomes of the host. Many doctors hosting educational courses do provide some type of written content for their participants. This is typically discussed in their course information material.

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

“Med Ed has been very instrumental for us planning, preparing and closing our cadaver workshop despite of our incidental requests and plan changes. Med Ed definitely would be a great partner for cadaveric training supporting arms for us.” -James S.

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What tips and tricks can be helpful during training?

Course hosts may offer strategies and suggestions for registered participants depending on the nature of their event. Generally, course participants are encouraged to dress comfortably but professionally, knowing they may be standing for periods of time while performing hands-on techniques on the cadavers provided for training. For clients hosting courses, we can discuss the various particulars that can empower them to make the most of their event. Examples include arranging for a catered lunch so the client can focus solely on their learning objectives. Med Ed Labs has been facilitating medical courses for several years. We have a wealth of experience in setting up appropriate medical laboratories and operatives and have done so in numerous locations around the country.

On average how successful are students at completing the programs?

In general, continuing education courses for board-certified plastic surgeons, nurses, and other clinical staff are very successful. This has remained consistent through the brief transition from in-person medical training courses to live stream courses as was necessary during the COVID pandemic. What elevates the courses that we facilitate is the use of human cadaver tissue. The hands-on training utilizing cadavers enables participants to experience the ways in which appearance and responsiveness can vary from one human body to another. This is a critical point in the area of plastic surgery and one we are proud to support through our procurement of fresh human cadaver tissue.

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Where can plastic surgery training be held?

Med Ed Labs will tailor the training to your specific needs. These can be single station personal labs or multiple surgical stations accommodating hundreds of attendees.

We organize, set up, and execute these lab surgical training events at 65 facilities all across the United States, along with Puerto Rico. All you do is choose the destination you want to hold your training, and we take care of everything from there.

What do you provide on the day of the training?

When we outfit your training we’ll provide surgical training tables, surgical lighting, general surgical instruments, drills, saws, suction equipment, along with PPE such as gowns, eye shields, gloves, foot covers, and scrubs. Plus, every facility has conference rooms with extensive audio-visual capabilities.