Low Impact ExerciseWe talk a lot about health and wellness, but sometimes it is in vague terms. Eat less fat. Eat more fat. Exercise, but not too much or you’ll hurt yourself. What is right? In fact, it may all be right. Every patients is a unique individual, and that means that the savvy healthcare provider will develop an arsenal of information from which to draw when providing personal care. Here, we will discuss the value of low impact exercise for a large majority of people.

What is Low Impact Exercise?

To exercise with low impact technically means that one foot is always on the floor. We do this when we walk, when we hike, when we do yoga, and even when we dance. This way of exercising is often associated with older folks. However, studies show that low impact workouts offer significant benefits to adults of all ages. These include:

  1. Healthier joints. We are learning more and more how crucial it is to take care of our joints earlier in life so they continue to function well later in life, when the aging process naturally affects their lubrication and mobility. Low impact exercise decreases the blunt force on joints in the knees and feet, and possibly even in the hips.
  2. Healthier weight. Let’s face it, the person whose joints are chronically stiff and uncomfortable is the person who may not have a desire to exercise. This could lead them to decrease their caloric intake in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight. We know that 3500 calories need to be burned in order to lose a pound. Without exercise, that would equate to a 700 calorie deficit each day. Not very healthy. Add in an hour of stationary bike and the 150 pound person burns about 300 calories with low impact exercise alone. This means that only about 400 calories need to be cut in a day to lose 1 pound a week.
  3. Healthier heart. For exercise to be effective does not mean that it needs to reach a certain level of intensity. Low impact water aerobics offers cardiovascular benefits, which makes it advantageous. Period. Engaging in a low impact exercise decreases a person’s risk for heart disease, and can add more life into their life.

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