We have two facilities in the SF area:

Facility #1 is in Union Square area and here is the capabilities

  • 4-8 physician training stations
  • Up to 20 in the conference center
  • Within 20-30 minutes of the airport

Facility #2 has the following capabilities

  • Up to eight physician training stations
  • 35-70 in the conference centers
  • within 20-30 minutes from the airport

Who is Med Ed Labs?

Med Ed Labs is an organization that provides access to medical training facilities and helps to organize medical training events. Our staff has experience with everything from industry professions to newcomers in many different lab events and settings. From one station personal labs to large industry labs with multiple stations and hundreds of attendees, we are here to take the burden of planning off your shoulders. Read more about us on our about us page!

What kind of Surgeon Training do you provide?

Our facilities can be used by surgeons in all specialties. Some specialties include:

What do you provide at the San Francisco network facility?

The staff will cover all aspects of your surgical or medical training event. These services will include the following:

      • Providing all of the necessary surgical and medical equipment including C-arms, surgical towers, surgical suction units, surgical drills and saws, Bovie, and electrocautery units.
      • Experienced lab technicians to set up and execute the lab event.
      • Cleaning and disinfecting of lab instruments.
      • Ordering, procuring, handling, positioning, and disposal of all types of cadaver specimens.
      • Planning for lecture and didactic presentations.
      • Planning for all catering needs including breakfast, drinks, lunch, snacks, or dinner
      • Planning for transportation services for pickup and delivery of attendees.

How would the Surgical Training in San Francisco, CA benefit me?

Our surgical training helps physicians and their staff learn the most innovative, technologically advanced, and minimally invasive surgical techniques. The goal of Med Ed Labs is to give surgeons and physicians the skills to give future patients better treatment results and an improved recovery from their surgery.

What People Say About Us!

Thank you!! Everything was so smooth and the training was perfect. You guys were incredible!! We really appreciate you working with us. Your flexibility is great and I feel we have initiated a long lasting partnership and we will definitely be working with you again soon as we launch our new product.
Thank you for everything!!!”

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How long does the Surgical Training last?

Each of our training labs can vary between two hours to a week long course. The times are based on our client’s needs. We strive to accommodate the schedule our clients have for their training events.

If you have more questions about Med Ed Labs, the San Francisco, CA medical training center, or the services we offer, feel free to call us at (888) 801-9444, complete a contact us form, or check out our Bio-Skills Blog.

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