Med Ed Lab training facilityNot everyone is able to come to one of the training facilities for our medical training courses. However, Med Ed Labs believes that you should still have access to the latest in surgical and medical device technology and training.

Why Choose Med Ed Labs?

At Med Ed Labs we have developed a unique system to bring medical training courses to a convenient location near you.   When a bio-skills surgical facility is not available in your area, that is where we come in by setting up an off-site mobile lab that can be implemented in just about any town or city.  When you partner with Med Ed Labs for mobile medical training services, we organize and set up an off-site surgical training room at various locations to meet your needs such as a doctor or surgeon’s office, company offices, or hotels. Our mobile medical training services have been utilized by medical professionals throughout the country with exceptional success to provide state-of-the-art training.

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Mobile Lab Services

We can provide a mobile medical training lab at most facilities of your choice such as a hotel, surgical center, doctor’s office, your offices or headquarters.

To help facilitate a seamless medical training course, Med Ed Labs provides an experienced lab technician that will set up and coordinate the training event in addition to handling the placement and removal of the cadaver specimen. The lab technician will also set up the medical instruments and equipment before the lab, and clean and disinfect them after the lab in hot water and disinfectant chemicals.

To ensure the meeting space stays protected, our team covers the flooring and any other space that needs to be safeguarded with a durable 6mm Visquene plastic covering.

Med Ed training laboratory

Mobile Medical Lab Training Services

We will provide the following services:

  • Ship All Cadaveric Specimens To Your Desired Location

  • Ship All Surgical Training Instruments And Equipment To Your Desired Location.

  • Ship All Personal Protective Equipment To Your Desired Location.

  • Provide Experienced Tissue And Laboratory Technicians To Supervise.

  • Provide Cleaning Services For Your Instruments And Equipment.
  • Provide All Imaging Needs Such As C-ARM’s And Radiation Technicians.
  • Offer full audio and video services for the off-site mobile labs.
  • Off-site labs can be set up in various sizes; From one station labs that can scale up to 40 stations in larger conference labs.
  • We can set up off-site labs in a doctor’s office or a surgery center. In this scenario, the attendees are usually very comfortable with the familiar surroundings.
  • We can set up off-site labs in company offices or headquarters in an empty room.
Med Ed Hotel set up
Med Ed training facility

Med Ed lab training equipment

Medical Equipment

We coordinate and ship in all of the lab training supplies from surgical instruments, to PPE’s for attendees, and other equipment such as:

  • C-Arms
  • Bovie Cautery Units
  • Suction Units
  • Surgical Towers for Arthroscopic and Endoscopic Surgery
  • Cadaver Specimens
  • Surgical Drills and Saws
  • Surgical Tables and Lighting
Med Ed Labs offer services for medical training conferences

What Surgical Training Procedures Are Offered?

These off-site mobile labs can be set up for any surgical procedure such as:


Spine surgery, Minimally invasive spine surgery, Cervical spine, Lumbar spine Idiopathic adolescent scoliosis


Total Hips, total knees, foot and ankle, wrist and hand, Podiatric surgery

Arthroscopic Hips and knees


OBGYN, Vaginal mesh, Nipple sparring, and breast mastectomy


Endoscopic and bariatric procedures


Facial reconstructive, eye, nose, facial injections


Various heart and thoracic surgery, stents, heart valve replacements


Colorectal procedures

Hotel Accommodations

Med Ed Labs has excellent relationships with numerous hotel chains across the country including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Doubletree hotels.  You can rest easy knowing we have a proven track record of successfully implementing mobile medical training in hotels, so you can focus on your job duties.

Read what our patients are saying!

Client Reviews

“Med Ed Labs has become our go-to provider when conducting field based cadaveric training labs. Whether we have ample lead-time or the usual last minute needs, they have proven to be an excellent resource and partner from start to finish.”

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Easy & Convenient

If held at a hotel, the attendees can conveniently come down from their room prior to the lab and have breakfast while attending a lecture in a meeting room specifically set up just for you.  After the lecture is conducted, a lab is set up in an adjacent room which resembles an actual surgery room, set up for peak success and performance.  To allow attendees to take a break during the day of training, many clients have lunch breaks and continue with their labs in the afternoon.  Whatever your needs may be, our highly experienced team will work to accommodate your requests.

Surgical Training Set Up
Mobile Lab for Surgical Training

Click the image below for a 360 panorama of our mobile setup.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.39.59 AM

Mobile Medical Training Truck

Our mobile training truck can travel to your desired location and set up a lab in a parking lot. We are set up to host up to four stations at one time. The truck comes equipped with surgical training tables, surgical training lights, a bathroom, and a washing station.

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We will have a laboratory technician present. We can bring in C-ARMS, arthroscopic/endoscopic towers, drills, saws, and surgical instruments. This mobile training truck is designed to bring the training experience right to your desired location.

***We host up to four small bone orthopedic stations and up to two Spine or large bone stations.

We will provide all of these items for the lab:
All PPE’s to include the following items:
Headcovers, eye and mouth shields, scrubs, gowns, surgical gloves, shoe covers
Surgical training tables 
Surgical instruments
C-ARM, Radiation technician, lead aprons, and thyroid collars

Surgical suction, bovie/cautery unit
Surgical laboratory technicians
Cadaver tissue specimen ordering and handling
Receiving of all shipments

For more information about our mobile Medial Training Services, contact us today at (888) 801-9444. You can also fill out and submit the online contact form below and we’ll get back to you at our earliest convenience.