“501 (C)(3) nonprofit company granted public charity 509 (A)( 2)
status established to further medical research and education”
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Our goal and mission is to work with medical device companies to enrich and support the lives of people now and in the future through medical and surgical research, education and training. Our mission is to work with industry professionals to help train physicians and medical staff on the most innovative, and minimally invasive techniques and products. We hope our combined efforts will lead to better patient outcomes, longer and healthier lives, and lead to less human pain and suffering.


MED ED LABS seeks to host physician and medical staff training seminars throughout the nation to help train surgeons and medical staff on the latest and most innovative methods to bring about better patient outcomes. These courses will focus on minimally invasive procedures that will cause the least physical damage to the patient while increasing the utmost healing potential.

We believe the more surgeons and staff are trained in a lab setting on the latest and most innovative methods, the more confident they will be in a real life surgical setting to help patients receive the best outcomes. We hope to advance knowledge and understanding of new medical procedures, technologies, and techniques through our training courses.

Thus these training seminars are vitally important to keep the surgeons and their staff abreast of the most innovative and technological sound methods and procedures to help patients now and in the future.

When medical device companies train physicians with new equipment or procedures, prohibitive costs and lack of proximate bio skills labs slows down the research and uptake of new devices and procedures.
Med Ed Labs provides geographical flexibility and agility with lab locations nationwide.

Attendees will be medical personal, students, and residents from the following surgical subspecialties: Trauma, Reconstruction, Sports medicine, Foot and ankle, Orthopedic, spine, pain management, general surgery, neurosurgery, podiatric, arthroscopic, OBGYN, endoscopic, bariatric, general surgery, cardio-thoracic, vascular, cardio-pulmonary, urology, colo-rectal, dental ophthalmic, plastic, and neurovascular.