Promote your new medical products with Med Ed Labs nationwide facilities!

We at Med Ed Labs strive to be excellent when putting on the surgical training labs.  For us, the surgeons are training to improve their skills and techniques to save lives.  We provide facilities where doctors and surgeons practice with new devices, implants, and techniques using state of the art equipment on high quality human cadaveric tissue.  Our facilities can be used by surgeons in all specialties including:

Medical Products Showcase

  • orthopedic
  • neurological
  • general surgery
  • gynecology
  • cardio-thoracic
  • colorectal
  • head and neck
  • podiatric
  • orthodontic
  • urology
  • spine
  • arthroscopy
  • dental

We have put on many of training labs for many of doctors and surgeons nationwide.  By showcasing your products at one of our labs, you are putting your products in the hands of your consumers, the best marketing exposure you could possibly have. 


Product Showcase

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