While many medical devices are used in hospitals and other health care facilities, a number of medical devices are also used every day in normal households. Keep reading to learn more about medical devices that are commonly used at home.

What medical devices are commonly used at home?
Medical devices used at home can be as simple as contact lenses or as complicated as an Artificial Pancreas Device System. It is wise to used medical devices that are approved by the FDA so that you can ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Common medical devices used at home include:

medical devices

  • Breast Pumps—used to extract breast milk from nursing mothers. Breast pumps can relieve pain caused by excess milk and make it easier for women to provide their babies with breast milk even when they are away at work or travelling.
  • Contact lenses—used to correct vision. Contact lenses are very common and allow people to see better without using glasses.
  • Hearing aids—used to help those with hearing loss communicate and hear things around them.
  • Blood glucose meters—used to help those with diabetes and other blood sugar issues monitor the amount of sugar in the blood and prevent health problems that are related to low or high blood sugar levels.

Above are just a few of the medical devices often used in the home. People who plan on using these devices, or other medical devices at home should understand how to use them safely.

Tips For Safely Using Medical Devices In The Home
People who plan on using medical devices at home should take the following steps to ensure safety:

  • Ask your doctor if you have any questions about your medical device.
  • Follow instructions precisely.
  • Keep instructions accessible so you can reference them as needed.
  • If the device comes with a manual, read it so you understand how it works.
  • Have a backup plan for if the device doesn’t work.
  • Take a course if you’ll be using complicated medical devices.

Med Ed labs offers nationwide facilities and classes that can train individuals and employees to safely use a wide variety of medical devices. To learn more about safely using medical devices, contact Med Ed Labs today.