As the coronavirus has shown us, there are times when convening training at a single facility with large groups of attendees isn’t the way to go. Remote training through live streaming is necessary.

This is a new area of training we’re offering at Med Ed Labs.

We would love to use our staff of experienced production and video streaming specialist to record and stream your surgical skills labs.

Our staff does very quality work with modern Equipment. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the recording and live streaming of your surgical skills labs. We look forward to hearing from you.


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What is live streaming training with Med Ed Labs?

This new training offering is a response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has exposed the potential problems of live training in group settings. Live streaming has been the means through which all sorts of work and the school has continued in remote locations, rather than communal settings. Now we offer surgical training for our clients in the same way.

By offering live streaming training, we can host your surgical training lab in your hometown, in your office, in one of our nationwide affiliated facilities, or in a mobile lab in a hotel in your city. You choose what is best for your situation. Then we live to stream it out to your trainees.

How will live streaming training with Med Ed Labs work?

Whatever setting you choose, be it your office, a local surgical training lab, one of our Med Ed Lab facilities (if located in your area), or even a mobile lab set up in an area hotel, we will host your small intimate surgical lab locally. This will include just a few surgeons, avoiding the group risks involved with large-scale training. As your surgeons are performing the procedures, Med Ed Labs will live to stream it to your entire team. We will also record the training so that other team members can view your product at their individual offices or at home.

What are the benefits of live stream training with Med Ed Labs?

While there isn’t a substitute for the live interactions associated with the large-group training that we offer across the country, in times like this current pandemic those gatherings are not workable. Even if your local area hasn’t banned the size of group training you would need, many potential participants could be uncomfortable with live attendance.

Our new live stream training provides the same training opportunities without the current risk associated with large groups being together in a closed space. It also eliminates much of the costs associated with sending large numbers of people to a single location. While this can be viewed as a perk for most of your trainees, at this time it’s just not workable. That’s why we’re now offering this training as a live stream.

Live stream training can offer the same level of training with the delivery method being different. Plus, Med Ed Labs handles all the details, from setting up your small surgery site that will provide the live stream content to providing the necessary video logistics to make it happen.

Who can benefit from live stream training with Med Ed Labs?

Any group can benefit from this new training offering. We’re known for our extensive medical training courses that we host for groups at sites across the country. Now, we can provide the same kind of live training, but through streaming rather than in-person attendance.

Can live stream training be recorded for future use?

In addition, to the live streaming of your surgical training, we also will record the session. This recording can then be posted on your website or sent to your trainees. This will provide them access without the risk of being in the group training session. The recordings can then be viewed in an office environment or at the trainee’s home.

Will the audio/video technology necessary be provided entirely by Med Ed Labs?

As with all of our training, we provide everything needed: you simply provide the surgeons and the trainees. With live streaming training, we will set up the location for your demonstration surgery. We provide everything you need to make this happen.

And we provide all of the cameras and audio equipment to make this small surgery available for training. Med Ed Labs will provide all of the A/V equipment, we will set everything up, test it, and ensure it’s ready for your live streaming. We will also ensure the recorded version is available for posting or otherwise made available to your trainees.

Will Med Ed Labs still provide all of the PPE equipment for our live stream session?

As is the case with all Med Ed Labs training, for our new live stream training we will provide all of the following:

  • Headcovers, eye, and mouth shields
  • Scrubs, gowns, surgical gloves, shoe covers
  • Training tables
  • Orthopedic surgical instruments
  • Drills to include large and small power, sagittal and reciprocating saws
  • Specimen holders
  • Suction units
  • C-ARMS, Mini C-ARMS, arthroscopic towers
  • Radiation technicians
  • Surgical laboratory technicians
  • Cadaver tissue specimen ordering and handling
  • Receiving of all necessary shipments

Med Ed Labs also conducts sales and rentals of medical and surgical equipment.

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