Why Choose Med Ed Labs in Houston, TX

Who is Med Ed Labs?

At Med Ed Labs, we’re all about helping your organization give your doctors and surgeons the training they need. We provide access to medical training facilities and arrange your entire event, including outside activities.

No matter how large or small your group, no matter their level of experience and expertise, our diverse staff will match your needs with the appropriate lab events and settings. We will arrange everything from large industry labs with multiple stations and hundreds of attendees down to one-station personal labs for a handful of trainees. Read more about us on our about us page!

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What makes Houston a great location for your medical training?

Houston is an enticing destination for your group. If you’re coming from a landlocked locale, your group will love Galveston Bay and the Gulf. If you’re dealing with a snowy winter, Houston weather’s easy to take.

Plus, when your attendees are finished with their training for the day, they’ll enjoy the fun that Houston has to offer. Everything from the Johnson Space Center to the Houston Zoo, from sport fishing on the Gulf to the Museum of Natural Science. Plus, Houston has a diverse assortment of food and a thirsty bar scene.

We’re happy to arrange outings to a Rockets, Astros, or Texans game for your group, or any other outing you have in mind.

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What do you provide at your Houston facility?

We take care of every aspect of your training needs, and then some. We include the following:

  • All necessary surgical and medical equipment, including C-arms, surgical towers, surgical suction units, surgical drills and saws, Bovies, and electrocautery units
  • Experienced lab techs to set up and execute your lab event
  • Ordering, procuring, handling, positioning, and disposal of cadaver specimens
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of all lab instruments
  • Planning for lectures and didactic presentations
  • Transportation services to and from George Bush Airport
  • Catering — From Texas barbecue to Gulf Coast seafood, Houston is a diverse food town and we can cater what your group likes, no matter what their different tastes.
  • We can handle from 10-15 surgical training stations and up to 50 attendees in our Houston facility

What amenities are close to the training facility?

medical training in Houston
Houston is an underrated destination for fun. Our Med Labs facility is just 30 minutes from the airport, or if you’re more into rockets, we’re within easy reach of Space Center Houston, celebrating the city’s space-crazy past and present. Houston’s downtown aquarium, complete with its 500,000 gallons of exhibits and over 200 fishy residents pleases everyone. Minute Maid Park, home of Houston’s Major League Baseball team, the Astros, is a site to behold, whether the roof is retracted or closed. The Topgolf facility in Houston is one of the first in the nation and is a perfect evening diversion for your group, no matter if they’re linksters or duffers. Plus, near our facilities and your hotel there is more good music coming from Texas-sized bars than you could take in during your trip.

What kind of Surgeon Training do you provide?

The facilities can be used by surgeons in all specialties. Some specialties include:

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How would attending surgical training at Med Ed Labs in Houston, TX benefit me?

Technology and new surgical methods are constantly evolving. Can you afford to not stay up to date? Our Med Ed Labs training sessions help your team stay current with the most innovative, technologically advanced, and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Our mission at Med Ed Labs is to give surgeons and physicians the tools they need to offer the finest procedures and treatments for their patients.

What medical equipment training can your offer in Houston?

We are able to offer the same training opportunities and the same diversity of medical equipment at any of our Med Ed Labs locations across the nation.

How long does surgical training last?

Each of our training labs can vary between two hours to a full week. We arrange the training to suit your needs.

How close is the facility to an airport?

The Med Ed Labs Houston facility is 30 minutes from George Bush Airport. We can arrange all of your transportation to and from the airport.

If you have more questions about Med Ed Labs, the Houston, TX medical training center, or the services we offer, feel free to call us at (888) 801-9444, complete a contact us form, or check out our Bio-Skills Blog.

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