It’s safe to say that the emergence of COVID-19 has created a worldwide crisis. Doctors and researchers all around the world have massively shifted gears, and it does not seem as though we will go back to what has been normal for most of our lives. We can look at a crisis like this as unfortunate, which they are on some level, or we can look for the opportunity within them. The COVID-19 crisis is presenting the medical profession with the opportunity to use technology in entirely new ways, and we’re here for it.

Technology has played an increasingly important role in medicine in recent years. However, as we have stated many times, there is no substitute for in-person didactic lectures and hands-on training. These educational models have always been and will continue to be a cornerstone of medical education for the foreseeable future. Given the recent changes brought about by the novel coronavirus, large in-person conferences have gone to the wayside. Not forever, but for now. Fortunately, new modalities have emerged to fill in the gaps.

In a relatively short time, educators have found ways to circumvent our current challenges. E-learning platforms have been developed, patient videoconferencing has been established in practices around the world, and web meetings and live streams have been scheduled to maintain the high standards of medicine. We are proud to participate in this new wave of educational technology to continue empowering physicians and first responders with the tools they need to serve their patients well.

What the Pandemic is Teaching Us All

Pandemics are not the norm. The current virus is not an event we were prepared to face. Still, we have seen medical residents, seasoned physicians, and other healthcare personnel come together to form a united front against this outbreak. Since the Spring of this year, doctors, nurses, first-responders, and even society at large have been taught important lessons in teamwork, empathy, courage, and persistence. The medical community is revisiting general medical skills and also learning to think outside the box to find new solutions on a day-by-day or case-by-case basis. The learning opportunities that we are being given at this time are those that are hard to come by in a classroom; and for that, we can be grateful.

As disruptive as this year has been, we continue to strive for excellence within our organization. Along with many other medical educators, we are rising to the challenge and exploring new horizons in medicine. To explore our live stream teaching opportunities, contact us at (888) 801-9444.