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Is Live Stream Medical Training Here to Stay?

Shortly after we began to realize the pervasive nature of the COVID-19 virus, many aspects of the world shifted. Not only in our daily lives within our communities but also on a grander scale. Schools closed, as did doctors’ offices, for some time. In this shift, the way in which doctors and other medical personnel would engage in continued education was in question. Fortunately, because we live in the age of technology, businesses like ours, in which the highest-quality training is our objective, were able to pivot into a new model that could sustain the needs of the medical community. Since the summer of 2020, Med Ed Labs has been providing doctors and other clients with the ability to live stream their teaching events. At the time when live streaming was a vital necessity, it was unclear how long the model would remain popular. We’re still observing. Even with vaccines and more lenient mandates in many parts of the country, the interest in live stream versus in-person events remains high. We think we know why.

Some of the beneficial aspects of live stream medical demonstrations and lectures include:

Although the term live stream indicates that attendees can observe the lecture and demonstration in real-time, they also have the opportunity to watch the provided content as a recording. Having this flexibility, the interested doctor or professional may be more likely to register for a course which, in turn, benefits the host by expanding their capacity to disperse vital medical information.
The participants of live stream events who do attend live have the opportunity to engage with the host and other attendees during the event. While training may be held online, our goal is to set up […]

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    Three Critical Ways that COVID-19 May Have Changed Medicine for Good

Three Critical Ways that COVID-19 May Have Changed Medicine for Good

Shortly after the New Year, it was revealed that COVID deaths in the U.S. had topped 400,000. This pandemic that caused so much chaos in 2020 is, hopefully, nearing its end as vaccines continue to roll out. Regardless of the ray of hope that guides us, we cannot deny that the novel coronavirus has left its mark on society in more ways than one. Here, we discuss three ways in which COVID-19 may have changed medicine for good (and for the better.)
The Acceleration of Telemedicine
The concept of telehealth has existed for years and health care providers have been steadily inching toward the provision of more virtual services for their patients. In 2020, telemedicine became such an urgent necessity that the inching we’d been doing turned into leaps and bounds. Several leaders in the medical field have agreed that this revolution has accelerated by a decade, if not more. Before the pandemic became a serious threat to society, the assumption was that patients’ needs could not be adequately met without in-person contact. We have come to see this is not true in every situation. A patient with a quick question may be helped quickly and easily without having to enter the office. This acceleration in telemedicine has expanded from routine primary care questions to dermatology, podiatry, and even addiction medicine services thanks to the availability of video conferencing.
The Stark Awareness of Racial Disparities in Medicine
A large aspect of this past year has been coming face-to-face with history in a way many were not prepared. In the field of medicine, it became undeniably apparent that black Americans were dying at a much higher rate than their white counterparts. In Chicago alone, black Americans constitute just one-third […]

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Is Livestreaming the Future of Medical Training?

Many aspects of our daily lives have evolved as a result of the novel coronavirus. This is true on a personal level as well as a professional level. At Med Ed Labs, we’ve transitioned as necessary to make sure we continue to provide the services that doctors, first-responders, and other providers rely on to maintain their professional objectives. One way we’ve done that is to pivot towards live streaming as a teaching model. A medical live stream means that we can host surgical training in ways that colleagues and staff can enhance their skills safely without compromising course content. We are proud to head into 2021 with offerings that take us to hometowns, offices, and mobile labs across the country.  

How Live Streams Work
At Med Ed Labs, we customize training scenarios based on each client’s needs. Our clients choose the setting that is best suited to them, be it a local training lab, a Med Ed Lab facility, or their office. We then host a small surgical lab that includes only a few surgeons. As surgical or medical procedures are performed, they are live-streamed out to an entire team.
Live stream medical training is not a substitute for in-person interactions. They are, however, the best we’ve got at the moment, so we make them as sophisticated as possible. Live streaming is not without its benefits. While sending content out to a live audience, our team also records the training so participants who cannot attend live can watch a replay. While we look forward to a time when in-person trainings can resume, we also understand that many participants remain uncomfortable with live attendance. Using innovative technology, we’ve made it so that participants can receive the same level […]

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Continued Education is Critical During Times of Crisis

It’s safe to say that the emergence of COVID-19 has created a worldwide crisis. Doctors and researchers all around the world have massively shifted gears, and it does not seem as though we will go back to what has been normal for most of our lives. We can look at a crisis like this as unfortunate, which they are on some level, or we can look for the opportunity within them. The COVID-19 crisis is presenting the medical profession with the opportunity to use technology in entirely new ways, and we’re here for it.

Technology has played an increasingly important role in medicine in recent years. However, as we have stated many times, there is no substitute for in-person didactic lectures and hands-on training. These educational models have always been and will continue to be a cornerstone of medical education for the foreseeable future. Given the recent changes brought about by the novel coronavirus, large in-person conferences have gone to the wayside. Not forever, but for now. Fortunately, new modalities have emerged to fill in the gaps.

In a relatively short time, educators have found ways to circumvent our current challenges. E-learning platforms have been developed, patient videoconferencing has been established in practices around the world, and web meetings and live streams have been scheduled to maintain the high standards of medicine. We are proud to participate in this new wave of educational technology to continue empowering physicians and first responders with the tools they need to serve their patients well.
What the Pandemic is Teaching Us All
Pandemics are not the norm. The current virus is not an event we were prepared to face. Still, we have seen medical residents, seasoned physicians, and other healthcare personnel come […]

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    We’re Staying Current in This Changing Face of Healthcare Training

We’re Staying Current in This Changing Face of Healthcare Training

Historically, healthcare has been performed in person. Doctors established practices that devoted time to face-to-face contact. They also maintained their skills by attending in-person, live medical trainings. We have been proud to engage with physicians, medical professionals, and first-responders all around the country as a leading medical lab facility. In our current global situation, we see no reason for the importance of diverse medical training to end. This is why we have quickly shifted to a new area of training at Med Ed Labs: live streaming.
What Can Live Streaming Accomplish?
There is not a physician in practice today who has experienced such an unprecedented health crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to rethink medical training, and we believe we’ve done it well. Live streaming is a creative approach to necessary continued education that prevents the spread of illness among our valued medical community. Rather than building mobile facilities for attendees to enter in person, our live streams allow physicians to host various trainings in your office, your hometown, in one of our affiliated facilities, or a hotel setting. Based out of one of these labs, the course is then streamed to trainees watching from their independent offices or from home.
Live Streaming Offers Several Benefits
We understand that there is no substitute for face-to-face interactions. The associations with larger groups can enhance the learning experience for many professionals. However, even a pandemic cannot override the necessity that physicians have the most up-to-date skills. At some point, practice will return to normal. We are committed to helping you be ready. Regardless of the restrictions on large gatherings, physicians must have access to medical education. Live streaming provides for that need without the associated risks.

While the feel of […]

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    Live Streaming is Now Available! Here’s why More Doctors are Engaging.

Live Streaming is Now Available! Here’s why More Doctors are Engaging.

Life is much different today than it was a few months ago. Doctors are having to navigate new ways of providing the highest-possible standard of care while minimizing face-to-face patient contact. Additionally, doctors and other medical personnel must continue to advance their skills in whatever way possible. At this time, the live streaming is the way. We are proud to offer live streaming that includes one doctor, one assistant, and all of the planning done for continued learning. Here, we discuss why more doctors are engaging in this model.

Live streaming allows attendees to consume content “live” or as a recording, creating more accessibility for more professionals. Greater accessibility to medical content on one’s own schedule opens the door for more attendees and a wider reach for necessary training.
Live streaming may incur lower costs than in-person trainings that require facility fees as well as equipment fees. Software platforms are currently an affordable alternative to on-site options.
Attendees of live stream labs and courses can engage in real-time when participating at the time of the event. Communication and comprehension need not diminish in the absence of face-to-face interaction.
The content of the live stream may be repurposed. Just like all video content, live stream medical labs may be repurposed for additional usage. Examples include transforming the live video into an infographic or YouTube video.

Live streaming was becoming a powerful channel for content delivery before it became necessary to social distance. Now that we must work together to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, doctors and training organizations are rethinking their models of practice. Just like doctors are transforming their practices to facilitate care without unnecessary physical contact, so are we. We have put […]

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