Medical training in the surgical setting can become more effective with the use of a human cadaver. Nothing ever compares to training done on a real human body. Although many medical institutions have already prohibited the use of cadavers, their exceptional use in the extensive training of potential surgeons and physicians cannot be denied.

Why use cadavers in medical training?

There is indeed no shortage of people who are currently volunteering to donate their bodies to the medical field. This minimal processing time provides access to human specimens that are still fresh and could still be useful to medical training.

Cadavers are safe to use since they are flushed with an effective disinfecting solution and chilled at 2 degrees Celsius to be stored between uses. This ensures that a fresh specimen can still be utilized daily for up to several weeks.

A variety of procedures, even the most advanced, can be tested on fresh cadavers, including the insertion of chest drains, thoracotomies, and trauma laparotomies. Specialized equipment, such as endoscopic towers and microscopes, can also be used on these cadavers to enhance the accessibility of lab training even with the most complex operative skills.

The use of national cadaver services is exceptional in the improvement of patient care. Research in the anatomy lab can also be made to seek advancements in the field of surgery. To know more about how you can avail of our national cadaver services, call us today at (888) 533-6968 and we would gladly be of assistance to you!