Med Ed Labs provides medical training facilities for doctors & surgeons to practice latest techniques with state of the art equipment using high-quality human specimens.

We have set up events and labs from one stational personal labs to large industry labs with multiple stations and hundreds of attendees.  All you do is choose which destination you want to hold a training lab and we manage all the details from initial planning to the day of the event.

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MED ED LABS provides very essential medical and surgical training for Frontline medical personnel, first line responders/Paramedics and personal protection equipment to support the medical and surgical staff fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

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Med Ed Labs Bioskills surgical training facilities

Facilities are Located Nationwide

The constant release of new equipment and procedures is something that all doctors have to work with. We provide the learning environment and supplies for medical professionals to develop their skills. This can lead to saving more lives and lowering the risk of complex surgeries. We provide facilities where doctors and surgeons practice with new devices, implants, and techniques using state of the equipment on high quality human cadaveric tissue. Our facilities can be used by surgeons in all specialties including: orthopedic, neurological, general surgery, gynecology, cardio-thoaracic, colorectal, head and neck, podiatric, orthodontic, urology, spine, arthroscopy and dental.

Surgical training

Our facilities can be used to get credits for continuing education by companies that offer the CCE courses. Our facilities are used to by for profit and non profit organizations to offer training and education. The facility can also be used for: pre-FDA medical device research and testing, video recording of various medical procedures, training of staff on various devices, training of sales representatives, demonstrating the proper use of new devices to company personal and medical professionals. We also have experienced staff that can assist with anatomic dissection of cadaver specimens for medical and educational courses.

Education Through Human Cadaver Labs

The closest training for physicians to a real-life setting is by using human cadavers. We can maximize the rhigh-qualityue of the physician training experience by utilizing high quality human cadavers for research and education. Research shows that physicians and surgeons are more likely to use implants and devices on real life patients after they have been properly trained on human cadavers. We supply all attendees with personal protective equipment including: caps, gloves-latex and non-latex in various sizes, shoe covers, gowns in various sizes, and scrubs.

Military Remote Surgical Suites

MED ED LABS is committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for our State and Federal clients.


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Med Ed Labs is dedicated to providing top quality service with state of the art medical and surgical training facilities.

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Medical Device Training

Surgeons use our facilities to train with models and cadavers.  They use new and current MIS equipment and procedures thereby gaining valuable experience prior to live cases.


Use of Cadaveric Specimens

We are able to provide human tissue for many varieties of programs that lead to the improving of medical research and procedures.

Chicago facility lab

Bioskills Labs

Our bioskills labs feature radiolucent operating tables, surgical lighting, suction, and basic instrumentation.

Indianapolis conference center


Our conference facilities can adapt to accommodate a variety of group sizes and include audio/visual capabilities.

3D illustration of surgical robot

Robot-Assisted Surgery

We offer training on robot-assisted surgery. Using robotic assistance allows for a less invasive, safer surgery.

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We have the O-arm and the stealth navigation unit to support any of your upcoming imaging needs at your labs.

Why Choose Med Ed Labs?

Med Ed Labs is dedicated to providing top quality service. Whether you choose to book your medical conference with us or use us as your preferred tissue provider, we will exceed your expectations.

  • Our state of the art medical and surgical training facilities offer conference and dining centers that seat 50+ people. We offer competitive pricing and will work within your budget.
  • We provide full-service catering and assist with hotel accommodations and ground transportation for your medical training conference.

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Med Ed Labs is proud to provide surgical training facilities across the United States.  From the west coast including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco to the east coast in cities such as New York, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale. Other popular destinations for our clients are Las Vegas, Dallas, and Houston.  To view the full list of locations nationwide, please visit our facilities page here